About Us

Who We Are

Family Haven is a non-profit organization devoted to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities by providing housing, care, and other services. We currently provide services to individuals in our licensed residential home. It has always been our practice to recognize the individuality of residents, treat them with dignity, and encourage them to know the satisfaction of personal achievement. Family Haven is known for setting high standards to ensure exceptional care and services. Our licensed residential home creates a recognition of independence for individuals, while providing a sense of community involvement. It is our experience and belief that individuals with developmental disabilities flourish being apart of the community.


Fontbonne Home was developed for several reasons. A trend had been established in the 1970’s to move residents from large institutions to community alternatives such as regional centers, group homes, and foster family homes. Also, parents were concerned about the future care of their sons and daughters after their own deaths. Most of all, it was evident that people with developmental disabilities make significant social and physical gains after moving into group homes.

In June of 1982, Sister Genevieve Lane, CSJ, Ph.D. opened a home in Lakewood with three female residents. We incorporated as Family Haven, a private, non-profit organization providing residential care for adults with developmental disabilities. We are not supported by the diocese or any religious community.

By 1990, we decided to expand our program. Bay Village had recently passed an ordinance allowing group homes and we found a lovely home there. Fontbonne Home moved in December and we added two more residents to our family.

Fontbonne Home

A licensed residential home for five adults with developmental disabilities located in Bay Village, Ohio.

Supported Living

A way to assist individuals with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible in their own communities. Services may be provided in the home of the individual or in the community. Whether it be taking the individual on outings or assisting them with meal preparation, Family Haven Inc. will first assess the needs of the individual and then implement a plan that will work.

Our Objective

The main objective of Fontbonne Home is to provide a loving, home-like atmosphere where adults with developmental disabilities can maximize their potential in the least restrictive environment. We are dedicated to the principle of enabling residents to live as typical and dignified lives as possible within the limitations of their disabilities. They should have access to all general community services that they can use in common with others.

Fontbonne Home strives to provide acceptance as well as feelings of belonging and self-worth for each family member. Most importantly, we strive to provide a program which ensures each member the highest quality of life.